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5 Things You Should Know Before You Register Your Trade Mark

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Register Your Trade Mark
  1. Search for possible conflicts

The very first thing to do before registering your trade mark is to check whether your trade mark is already taken or whether a similar trade mark is already in use. You may conduct an online search on the register of trade marks to verify that there are no potential conflicts with trade marks which are registered earlier in time or enlist your consultant to ascertain if your trade mark is inherently capable of being registered.

  1. Check if your domain is available

Having a domain name allows you or your company to be located on the internet. Before registering the domain name, conduct a search on the domain name register to check that your domain name is available. You may wish to consider a variety of TLDs (such as .com, .com.sg and .sg) when deciding on a domain name.

  1. Identify the class of goods/services you need to register in

The entire range of goods and services that can be protected by trade mark registration is divided into 45 different classes, depending on function and material type. If your company offers multiple goods and services, your business may need to register in multiple classes in order to fully protect your trade mark. However, registering all your applicable classes will be costly. Therefore you may want to cover your primary classes first. Due care should be taken to ensure that the applications are filed in the correct classes. Speak with our brand consultant to find out more.

  1. Pre-empt possible objections and oppositions

Overcoming objections and oppositions can be costly and leave your business mired in a legal quagmire. It is prudent for you to consider searching the internet, to see if there are businesses using identical or similar trade marks for identical or similar goods or services, before you file your trade mark application(s).

  1. Check your application for completeness and compliance

Just before you hand in your application to register your trade mark, do remember to give the application form a final thorough check to make sure that all the requirements have been met and that everything has been applied for correctly.

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